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In the global age, companies tend to re-evaluate their own capital structures on the axis of capital, information and technology. There is no doubt that the adaptation to the increasing unlimited international competition in the world plays an important role in the decision to establish foreign businesses and partnerships. In this perspective, Turkey has developed a series of legal and political initiatives that encourage the globalization efforts of companies that want to move to Turkey. This article explains the conditions for foreigners to open a business in Turkey and the company formation process in Turkey, focusing on the usual procedures for establishing different types of companies.

Company Formation Turkey

Basically, for each company establishment, the title of the company, the scope of its field of activity, its headquarters, who will be the manager/representative, capital and shares must be determined. By opening a bank account on the Potential Tax ID (depending on the type of company and capital amount) 1/4 (25%) of the New Partnership capital (excluding limited company) must be deposited into this account. The company documents must be registered in the central registry system (MERSİS) and an application must be made to the Trade Registry Directorate with the documents listed.


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